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Wednesday, May 30, 2012


There're very few so-called 'Graffiti Artists' that I like. I don't know why, but I've never been into 'Graffiti Art'.
However, Hush is different.

It's safe to say that my attraction to his works is primarily his subjects.
It's obvious that, for him, one of the greatest influences comes from Japan. Its tradition and pop culture, particularly 'manga' comic books.

But, his works are so beautiful, and the quality is so high, that they are well above the rest, and far beyond a splash of paints on the wall.
There's certainly some lyricism in his images.

So, it was quite a surprise that when I went to Metro Gallery today, the man was working on his image on the gallery wall.

He was kind enough to take some time to chat with me. It was really great to talk with the artist of his caliber.

He has such a passion for what he does, and he utilises a wide range of techniques, like, painting, screen printing, spraying, collage...., creating layers on layers of elements, finally revealing an ultimate vision.
However, he said he knows exactly how the final image is going to look like, right from the beginning.

I couldn't help asking if he counts Japanese photographer Araki as the inspiration of his work, he said yes.
That was nice, because I always thought about that.

Amazingly, he gave me a print, and signed his name on its back!

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