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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Marcus Wills

Standing in front of this gigantic painting (the first image below), Archibald Prize winner in 2006, is quite an experience at Australian Galleries.

There're so many figures, each painted meticulously, playing a small but important role in the finished image.

Also exhibited are still life, portrait, nude paintings, all executed with a meticulous attention to details, offering us a mesmerising visual delight.
His technical mastery is obvious in every single image, regardless of their sizes.

I spoke with him, asking some questions about his paintings. Quiet, but extremely passionate.

The model of the last image below is Lauren. One of my favourite models at Princess Hill drawing class.
It's beautifully done. Again, she did a great job in this one.
I had a good chat with her at the opening. Yes, she was very happy with the painting.

Australian Galleries
Until June 24

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