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Sunday, June 03, 2012

Eames - The Architect and The Painter

I love this motor bike shot. It's really fascinating to see pipe-smoking Charles sitting behind Ray, defying the male-female stereotype.
They are just like two little kids, having fun.

I've known Eames Lounge Chair and ottoman, also Plywood Chair, and their house. But, apart from that, my knowledge of them were very limited.

This film at ACMI traces the life of the two most influential American designers in the last century.

It's a wonderful love story, although towards the end, a bitter one.
And, as a story of a couple with monumental creative minds, a very inspirational one.

I particularly liked their joyful way of approaching their design. They were surrounded by not only extremely creative people, but also a plethora of stuff; seemingly ordinary found objects become a work of art by these people's imagination.

In their house, there're paintings by Hans Hofmann with whom Ray had studied. They're hung from the ceiling, so that one has to look up to see them. I found that terrific. Who would have come up with such an idea?

Their studio at 901 was a powerhouse of creativity, running non-stop, 24-7.

Together, they left behind a wide range of iconic design/art works, including great films.
And this surely is one of my favourites, 'Powers of Ten'.

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