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Monday, June 04, 2012

Proposition 8 -- David Boies & Ted Olson

I first heard this splendid American lawyer making a speech on ABC Radio National Big Idea about two years ago. It was recorded just a day after Judge Walker's decision.

It was a very moving speech, and he was obviously brilliant at advancing his case, and destroying opponent's arguments one by one.

With Mr Olson, two of the most prominent lawyers in America, who once fought against each other in the case of Bush v. Gore, united together to put forward a clear, thorough and unequivocal case defending the fundamental human right.

On ABC Radio National this morning, they're talking about the play based on the court case, called '8', and it's going to show here in Melbourne.

Then I found the play was already shown in California with Hollywood star-studded casts, including, George Clooney, Martin Sheen, Brad Pitt, Kevin Bacon....

It's a truly fascinating production, and again, I love Mr Boies' comment at the end, summarising the essence of this trial.

"We did put fear and prejudice on trial. And fear and prejudice lost."

This man is just brilliant.

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