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Friday, July 13, 2012

Gerhard Richter

Four books from Book Depository.

He is one of my favourite contemporary artists alive. 'Contemporary' is, in his case, a slightly misguided word.

His focus is always painting, which has quite a long history. It's a traditional medium.
However, his works are extremely modern. I sometimes wonder why.

I think the reason is, the fact that he is a living artist, breathing the same air as we breathe, experiencing what's happening in the world at this time in history.
And he has this extraordinary visual creativity to be able to transform them into a piece of art.

At the end of the day, paint and brush are just tools to express our inner feelings. Paintings can be old-fashioned, or, can be modern.

What he demonstrates clearly is, as he once took on Duchamp, it's not dead yet.

'Panorama' is a catalogue of the exhibition at Tate Modern. Truly amazing retrospective, spanning well over five decades. Beautiful book that offers a lot of insights of his life and work.

'Portraits' is from the exhibition at National Portrait Gallery. This is a big book. His masterful technique is well documented.

'Large Abstracts' is, well, another big book. Staggering colors, layers upon layers...
Imagine standing in front of these monumental paintings. I particularly like his abstract works.

'Red/Yellow/Blue' is another abstract painting book, focused on the works for the lobby of the BMW headquarters in Munich.
'Details' series is a fascinating visual treat.

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