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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Metro Art Award

This year's $50,000 prize was given to Natasha Bieniek.
'Keepsake' is really tiny, measuring only 10 x 25 cm. It's an incredible achievement, creating a fascinating portrait in such a small space, sucking viewers into the work, like a magic.

I first saw her work at last year's Archibald, and she was a finalist this year, too.
Apparently, we're seeing an emergence of this highly talented artist.

I also liked Ben Howe, 'INTERMISSION'. I saw his paintings before, and always loved his vision.
This one reminds me of Gerhard Richter's 'Grey Painting' series.

Then I started wandering around Toorak and Richmond area, popping in and out of some galleries.

Carbon Black Gallery
Irene Salmont's drawings 'Beneath Clouds' are delicate line works. She is a finalist of this year's Rick Amor Drawing Prize. Quite understandable after seeing her works.
I had a good chat with her.

Helen Gory Gallery
"Watching, Not Looking" by Robyn Burgess is a collection of monumental paintings from New York.
They're huge and powerful oil paintings, and I loved them all.

Anita Traverso Gallery
'Hardly seen; Only felt' by Ebony Addinsall is a collection of glass works. They're very delicate and architectural. Also somehow meditative. Beautiful design.

Nellie Castan Gallery
This gallery has a big open space, but hard to find. Thanks to 'Arts View: Melbourne' iPhone App, I managed to make it :)
'Future Proof' by Darren Wardle. Described as 'sci-fi dystopia', his colourful works evoke futuristic urban landscape. I like them all.

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