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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Pam Davison, Ron Smooker

There's a gallery opening of two exhibitions at Photonet Gallery in Fairfield.

'the past walks noiselessly' by Davison, and 'Pere Lachaise' by Smooker.

Davison's black & white photos are very touching reflections on the loss, death and memories of her family.
The use of doll house and miniature daily objects, coupled with clever blurring and focus in images, succeed beautifully in creating visual stories.

Smooker's poetic installation traces the similar trajectory.
I liked his poems a lot. Very poignant thoughts on life and death, expressed beautifully.
Here is from 'On learning of the Death of Jamie Ross'

Time is the only gift in the world
Until we have no time
Your quiet tread on death's dark stairway
Was my gift
A wake up call on a crowded train

In the gallery, there's a cellist called Adi Sappir. It was a beautiful piece of music, generating wonderful space and time.

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