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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Collingwood Arts Precinct

Glorious day!
Bathed in beautiful winter sunshine all day long, surrounded by great art.

I wandered around this area with my friend, visiting galleries one after another.

Nerissa Lea and Deborah Willams at Australian Galleries, Smith Street.

Rodney Forbes and Stewart Macfarlane at Darby Street.
Forbes creates very unique visual wonderland.

Penny Coss and Penny Bovell at Mossenson Gallery.
Both are based in WA.

Martin King and Dagmar Cyrulla at James Makin Gallery.
I love Cyrulla's figurative paintings, particularly works on paper.

I happened to walk pass a funky barber shop near the corner of Smith St and Gertrude St.
I noticed Laura was cutting hair. She used to work with me.
It's very cool that they play LPs on a turn table. On top of that, clients get a free bottle of beer!
So, check out this place.
This is a drawing of her that I did a long time ago.

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