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Sunday, August 05, 2012

'Less Is More' exhibition at Heide

This new exhibition at Heide Museum of Modern Art explores Minimalism and Post-Minimalism, that emerged in New York in the 60s. However, the main focus is on Australian artists.

From strong geometric shapes of the former, to soft and organic forms of the latter, it's very interesting to see the transformation.

I love these art movements. It's a great antithesis of my favourite Abstract Expressionism, and a harbinger of Modern Conceptual Art.

I've seen Robert Morris' work at NGV. Fascinating to think that it's actually gravity that gives the work its unique fluid shape.

I love Dan Flavin. His colourful florescent light works are beautiful and transcendental.
It's a bit shame that the work exhibited here is a monochrome one.

Overall, I enjoyed this exhibition.

"The idea or concept is the most important aspect of the work."
Sol LeWitt

"Simplicity of shape doesn't necessarily equate with simplicity of experience."
Robert Morris

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