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Thursday, August 30, 2012

South Yarra Arts Precinct

Glorious day 3.... Not!

Not my favourite area in Melbourne, but, there're many good galleries.

'Wasteland Wanderlust' by Paul White at Metro Gallery.
Incredibly detailed pencil works of industrial graveyard.

'Microcosm' by Miao Xiaochun at Ausin Tung Gallery.
The gallery focuses on Asian artists.
There're three videos, all of which are excellent.
I don't usually like video arts, but, his works are all extremely detailed computer graphics. And they have strong humanistic stories, accompanied by beautiful sound track.

My favorite is 'Disillusion'. This one is truly touching, and the music! None other than 'St Matthew's Passion' by J S Bach.

'View Finder' by Kate Tucker at Helen Gory Galerie.
At first glance, her paintings are simple play of colour and shape.
The more I look at them, the more I feel mesmerised by them. That's a definition of good paintings, I think.
They're all sold.

Masayoshi Sukita's photographic works of David Bowie at Mossgreen Gallery.

'Stutter Speed' by Camille Hannah at Nellie Castan Gallery.
Her large scale paintings are powerful, at the same time, soft and feminine.
Incredible brush strokes, well controlled and fluid.
I love them all.

'From Earth' by Matt Coyle and 'Unfamiliar' by Jack Rowland at Anna Pappas Gallery.

'Countermanding Two' by Tanmaya Bingham and Christopher Young at Anita Traverso Gallery.

'Sarcophagus' by Julia Deville at Sophie Gannon Gallery.
I didn't even know the meaning of the title.
Awesome works by this well known artist.

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