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Sunday, September 16, 2012

From a wheelchair-bound perspective, thank God I'm an atheist

I came across this article by Holly Warland in The Age today. Click here to read.

"No longer do I question "why me?" I accept that my disability is the result of random chance: the genetic lottery. From there I can extrapolate to the rest of the world. I can appreciate everything for what it is. Science has explained life to me, and has comforted me much more than a deity whom I can't see, hear or feel. I can sense the sun on my skin, I can hear my little sister giggling, and I can see the universe when I look up and feel a part of something much bigger and more beautiful than I am."

It's enormously encouraging to read the story like this, when, religious fanatics are rioting all over the world.
One of the slogans in Sydney is, "Behead all those who insult the prophet."

As Christopher Hitchens used to put it, "Our civilisation is not compatible with this mentality."
He didn't forget to add, "There will be a fight."

By the way, ABC Radio National's 'Counterpoint' recently run a great program about free speech.
There's a dark cloud hanging over this country, which doesn't have The First Amendment.
If you're interested, here is the link.

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