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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

'Hitch-22' by Christopher Hitchens

There're some voices that should be heard and digested, whether one agrees to them or not, simply because of the compelling strength of their logic and reasoning.

For me, Christopher Hitchens was, and still is, such a voice.
Also, his masterful use of words is truly mesmerising.
And on top of that, he had a charming and sometimes deadly sense of humour.

In short, "he's never been capable of being boring."

I'm sick and tired of hearing his critics accuse him of transforming himself from international socialist to right wing warmonger, fiercely advancing the case against Sadam Hussein, in so doing, becoming a part of neocon rat bag, like, Paul Wolfowitz.

He explains very clearly the position he took and how and why, with regards to "liberation of Iraq."
He was a socialist through and through.

There're so many fascinating stories in this hefty memoir, and again, I do miss his voice dearly.

He was a man who kept challenging his own critical faculty, putting forward the case against himself all the time, in that sense, he was truly "Orwellian."

"To be an unbeliever is not to be merely 'open-minded.' It is, rather, a decisive admission of uncertainty that is dialectically connected to the repudiation of totalitarian principle, in the mind as well as in politics."

"I sometimes feel that I should carry around some sort of rectal thermometer, with which to test the rate at which I am becoming an old fart."

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