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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Collingwood art precinct

'I Build My Time' by Sally Smart at Fehily Contemporary.
Interesting assemblage of cutout elements. I liked her film work a lot.

'Stillness' by Tammy Warner and Annie Dowd at Cambridge Studio Gallery.
Beautiful charcoal drawings and watercolour paintings respectively.

'Harvest' by GRAEME DRENDEL and 'Dancing Glyphs' by G.W. BOT at Australian Galleries.

'Memorial Park' by Richard Dunlop at James Makin Gallery.
Great colours in his oil paintings.

'In A Lonely Place' by Gregory Crewdson at CCP.
This famous American photographer's large scale images are desolate suburban domesticity. Meticulously staged, these scenes evoke strong emotions in viewers' mind.
I loved them all.

Natasha Bieniek’s new solo exhibition entitled 'She Hangs Brightly' at dianne tanzer gallery + projects is open this Saturday, but, I just popped in to have a look.
Extraordinarily detailed paintings on such a tiny space, they're all beautiful figurative works.

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