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Sunday, October 21, 2012

'The Island' exhibition by Marco Luccio

This series of paintings of rugged coastline in Philip Island is a radical departure from his previous works.

He is well-known across the country and overseas for his powerful prints of buildings, industrial cranes and cityscapes.

This time, he turned his attention to a beauty of nature.

Typical of him, I think, his subjects are not peaceful, meditative landscape.
They're rough, strong, powerful, in a way, very masculine sceneries.
And, he masterfully captures them with paint brushes.

He created most of the paintings in open air. In shivering winter and scorching summer, carrying around heavy equipments along treacherous footpaths.
That's an astonishing achievement in itself. He doesn't compromise.

Although the subjects and mediums are very different this time, I did notice the strong connection between this exhibition and previous ones.

Look at rugged rocks in these paintings. You will see monumental art works crafted by nature over millions of years.

Marco told me that he sees the similar shapes, whether they are skyscrapers in New York, or weather battered rocks in Philip Island.

With strong brush works, bright colours and simplified shapes, these works can be easily called abstract paintings.

This is a fascinating exhibition by the artist full of ideas, who has a courage to keep expanding his creative frontiers.

The exhibition is at Steps Gallery in Carlton until November 11.
Here is a link to his website.

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