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Saturday, December 15, 2012

The death of Christopher Hitchens

Today marks one year since the death of Christopher Hitchens.
He is one of the most influential writers in my life.

As a champion of atheist movement, he taught me a lot, most importantly, "Think for yourself."
This is such a simple statement, but, very powerful one.

His stance against religion is slightly different from another great thinker Richard Dawkins'.

Dawkins' argument is from a scientific point of view, and Hitchens' attack is from his anti-totalitarian principle.

Both of them are operating at the highest level of intellect, and I love Dawkins' writing a lot.

Still, there're something about Hitchens that I've been drawn to.

I really don't know.
He was a great man.
And I really miss his formidable voice of reason.

This is one of his last interviews with Tony Jones at ABC.

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