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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Human, All Too Human - Nietzsche

When I was at uni, I used to read his stuff, without really understanding much.

Strange thing is, I found it so much easier to get a grip on basic ideas when reading them in English, rather than in Japanese.

The same is true of science books. I don't know why, but, it's very interesting.

This is a nice BBC documentary of this great man, whose life was full of tragedy.
His words remain as sharp as a razor blade.

“Every true faith is infallible.
It performs what the believing person hopes to find in it.
But it does not offer the least support for the establishing of an objective truth.
Here the ways of men divide.
If you want to achieve peace of mind and happiness, have faith.
If you want to be a disciple of truth, then search.”

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