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Sunday, February 10, 2013

The truth about Sassoon's $5000 haircut of Mia Farrow

It's a well-known story as the most expensive haircut.

It goes like this, Polanski flew Sassoon in the studio for the promotion of his film 'Rosemary's Baby', and he cut her long hair to pixie short. The cut was $5000.

New York Times runs a fascinating story about this famous myth. The link is here.

Obviously, she had already had a short hair and Sassoon cut her hair about half an inch in front of a crowd of the press.

More importantly, Sassoon always maintained that he himself had cut her hair about a month previous to the photo shoot in Hollywood.

What I didn't know is that it wasn't the case.

Mia Farrow first cut her long hair short by herself with nail scissors! Contrary to the myth, Frank Sinatra liked her short hair style.

It was Christopher Brooker who cut her hair two weeks previous to the shoot, not Sassoon.
It's very touching that Christopher never revealed the true story until now, out of respect for him.
Here is the link to the story.

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