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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Gallery-hopping in Melbourne

I lost count of how many galleries I went to today.

Here are some notable ones.

"Plate Glass" by Sam Shmith at Arc One Gallery in city.
Large scale photographic images are subliminal expression of the surroundings in which we live.

"Interzone" by Sonia Payes at Fehily Contemporary in Collingwood.
Shot in Beijing, they are testimony of distraction of farmlands and construction of modern cities.

Erwin Fabian at Australian Galleries.

Quite often, when I see sculptures made of pieces of scrap metals, I feel very disengaged from them.
However, I found the works by this artist very welcoming, inviting me to their unique humanistic spirits.
It's an amazing achievement, because they aren't figurative at all.
I really liked these.

I'm very disappointed that Ben Quilty's exhibition at Tolarno Gallery is temporarily closed. 

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