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Sunday, June 09, 2013

Sassoon at Hair Expo in Sydney 2013

"Imagine, London in the 40s, an aristocratic lady visits a high-class bar in Soho, and meets up with Lucian Freud and Francis Bacon......"

So begins this mesmerising, and dare I say, very entertaining presentation by Mark and his team.
He and Edward particularly are always very funny.
It's worth flying to Sydney just to hear them cracking jokes on stage.

The theme of this collection is 'Artists and their muses' in the early 20th century.
Freud and Bacon, by the way, happen to be my favourite painters.

To hear him talking about his philosophy, while watching him creating bold geometric shape is always a numinous experience.

And the colour. It's just beautiful, full stop.
Colours tend to be perceived to play second fiddle to haircut in Sassoon, but, no no, I really admire Edward's work. Strong, but elegant.

After more than 50 years, why Sassoon now?

The crux of the matter is 'the intensity of self-discipline in creating a shape'.
I like the word "intense". That's how these guys do a haircut.

Not only that, but also, expanding one's horizon far beyond just cutting and colouring. Studying design, history of art, drawing, photography, for example.

It's a discipline in their culture passed on generation after generation.
Richard Dawkins coined it as "Meme" in his seminal book, 'The Selfish Gene'.

Once infected or inherited in any way, it stays deep inside of one's backbone and DNA.
Even without instructors watching and checking your haircut in a salon, you engage in a conversation with your inner self, trying to make the haircut perfect without compromise.

"Check it in the mirror", "Stand back", "Turn the chair around and check it", "Squint your eyes and check it again", "Cross check it", "Check the weight balance", "Focus on negative space"........

I'm sure that the similar principle applies to a colouring process as well.
Again, it's all about 'the intensity of self-discipline in creating a shape and colour'.

No doubt, Sassoon will keep evolving into the future, maintaining the highest standard of cutting hair and colour, and inspiring people around the world.

"Without a technique and self-discipline, 
one can't achieve a mastery of haircut"
-- Vidal Sassoon --

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