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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Art of Francis Bacon

Francis Bacon is a very difficult artist to like.

His paintings are extremely painful, one can't see any "beauty" in his bleak depiction of human existence.

And his life itself was full of pains.

However, I think he was very honest in his paintings, in a sense that, that's how he saw the true meaning of life. And they are "beautifully" painted.

This documentary traces his major works, using his own words.

It's rather a brief portrait of this tormented artist, one can't help but feel missing something.
One thing I hate watching these documentaries is, the background music is so loud that sometimes it's difficult to hear the voices of the characters in the film.

Still, it offers some insight into his mind.

"Between birth and death, it's always been the same thing. The violence of life."

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