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Monday, August 12, 2013

An evening of HeartLands with AVEDA

President of Aveda Global, Dominique Conseil, kicked off the evening with an opening presentation, talking about history of the company, its philosophy, etc...

Luminare in South Melbourne has a stunning view.
As the sun went down, even the ugly cityscape of Docklands started to show its hidden beauty of neon lights against pale ultramarine blue in the dusk.
I love these colourful lights.
They always look like crown jewels blown to smithereens, scattering around all over the places.

It also offers interesting and delicious nibbles.
I've never seen such a tiny chicken sandwich in my life.
Barbie would love to have them in her lunch box.
Is she a vegetarian? I can't remember.

The evening finished with the presentation of 'HeartLands' collection.
I have a client who looks exactly like this model.
It's a tricky balance from the front, but, I think she's got it right.

P.S. Here is a joke.

"Why was the Amish girl excommunicated?"
"Too Mennonite"

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