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Friday, August 23, 2013

British Style Genius. Breaking the Rules - Fashion Rebel Look

This superb BBC documentary follows three British designers, Vivienne Westwood and John Galliano through to Alexander McQueen.

I was wondering if I should go to ACMI to see this film as part of Melbourne Fashion Week, then, found that it's on Internet.

Although these three were initially regarded as 'rebels' or 'outsiders', they soon established themselves as 'mainstreams', or rather, public soon started to recognise their highly creative and technical mastery.

In the film, we can have a glimpse of how these artists delve into not just a fashion but also a cultural history of the past, spending an enormous amount of time and energy.

We tend to use a term 'genius' to describe them, and surely they are, but, as we can see here in this film, it's all about their hard work that really make them immortal figures.

I remember when McQueen became an instant phenomenon in the mid 90s. I was working in London at the time. It was really sensational.
I also had some good friends studying art at St Martin's. They really were avant-garde, in other words, crazy. I mean, hugely creative.

As the film says, I felt London definitely was saturated with creative energy and I'm sure that is true now.

I'm still going to see another film "Twiggy; The face of '66" at ACMI next month.

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