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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Fabrizio Biviano, Wayne Viney, Nick Slenitsch, Tony Lloyd, Abdul Abdullah

Two artists at James Makin Gallery.

'Stacks' by Fabrizio Biviano.
Bold and colourful oil paintins of books, CDs, flowers... stacked on top each other.

Wayne Viney.
Subliminal monotype prints of landscape.

'Relief' by Nick Slenitsch at Sutton Gallery.
Very clever geometric shapes. Beautiful abstract works, which can be described either as sculptures or paintings.

'Other Worlds' by Tony Lloyd at Dianne Tanzer Gallery.
Beautiful oil paintings that explore other dimensions of universe, our existence. 

'Homeland' by Abdul Abdullah at Fehily Contemporary.
Very powerful protestation against prejudice, bigotry that exist in our modern culture. In other words, its tendency to see the world just as black and white; simplistic binary judgement.
This one particularly is great. Do you get that message?

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