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Monday, September 02, 2013

'Twiggy - The Face of '66' at ACMI

The way Twiggy became a fashion icon is legendary. It goes like this....

She was working at a hair salon, and at the same time, doing some modelling job.

Her agent sent her to The House of Leonard in Mayfair, who trained at Vidal Sassoon.
Her nickname was coined by her boyfriend, who was a stylist at Vidal Sassoon.
So, there was a Sassoon connection in her story.

Mr Leonard did the chop from her waist, and Daniel Galvin spent eight hours to colour her ginger hair blonde.
He's not a household name outside the UK, but, I have a huge admiration for Mr Galvin.
I had a great friend who was a colourist at Daniel Galvin colour salon in London. Probably one of the best colourists I've ever met.
Fantastically beautiful salon renowned for their superb colour work.

Anyway, the photo of her new style was displayed in the salon, and Daily Express journalist Deirdre McSharry, who was a client, spotted it.

And the rest is a history.

As part of Melbourne Fashion Week, this is the Australian premiere, featuring Baba founder Barbara Hulanicki, photographer Terry O'Neill and others. 

It describes her ascent to stardom and swinging London fashion scene in the 60s very well, using plenty of archival footage. 

However, I can't help but feel the ending was a bit abrupt, nothing further was mentioned after the 70s.
Obviously, that's not the focus of this film, so, I should shut up. 

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