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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Gun-downed Australian architect Ross Langdon's TED talk

Where is outrage?

So, it's been almost a week since this terrible massacre in Nairobi, but, somehow, media have been very quiet on this one.
It seems as though the only thing that matters in this country is AFL Grand Final.

I've never met Ross Langdon, but, I happened to watch his TED presentation some time ago.
Truly a remarkable man.

I was really shocked to see his name as one of victims, and, not only that, his pregnant partner Elif Yavuz also was killed.

What's really horrifying is the fact that these Islamic Jihadists let Muslims go, and kept only non-Muslims behind, and killed them.

Some security experts even suggested that it was al-Shabab's public gesture that they don't kill fellow Muslims any more, to placate the criticism they used to attract. 

Does anyone know the name of Mohammed's mother? Can you recite some passage of Koran?

If the answer is no, chances are very high that you would have been killed if you had been in the shopping mall.

It's reminiscent of Hitler's Final Solution. The only difference is they targeted non-Muslims not the Jews.

This is fantastically dangerous.
Christopher Hitchens used to alarm us of this danger, saying that our civilisation is incompatible with this religiosity and there will be a fight.

A young and brilliant Australian architect who had been dedicating his life to the lives of people in Africa. Along with his pregnant parter, a specialist in malaria at Clinton Foundation.

This promising young couple and their baby were gunned down mercilessly, caught in this deluded, maddening religious war.

Whatever the geopolitical relationship between Yemen, Somalia and Kenya, the core of this ruthless mass murder is religion.

Just mourning those who were killed is not enough. We should be outraged, and should recognise the fact that we're living in this dangerous reality.

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