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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Kevin Lincoln, Cyrus Tang, Andrew Follows, Mandy Gunn, Robyn Hosking

Kevin Lincoln at Niagara Galleries.
Very serene, sublime landscape painting of Tasmania.

Cyrus Tang at Anna Pappas Gallery.
Emotive portrait projected on human hair.

The following three artists at my favourite Anita Traverso Gallery.

Andrew Follows 'Density'
A blind photographer captures stunning images through not his 'sight', but his 'vision'.

Mandy Gunn 're[as]semble''.
Fascinating geometric objects from shredded books or pre-used materials.

Robyn Hosking 'Canberra Capers'.
This has to be my favourite. She transforms political satire which is usually associated with cartoons into a series of ceramic sculpture.
Skilfully executed and very funny. I like them a lot.

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