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Friday, October 04, 2013

Euan Uglow - The Complete Paintings

One of my friends in a life drawing class at Princess Hill has a very distinguished style.

His geometric, almost architectural approach to drawing human body always fascinates me.

It reminds me of a sculptor chiseling marble from different angles, creating three dimensional structure with many planes left unpolished.

It's a very unique way of rendering a soft, sinuous female nude.

Euan Uglow was introduced to me by him, and what a wonderful painter he is!

I had never heard of this British artist, and after googling him, I was immediately fascinated by his beautiful paintings.

This hefty book by Yale University Press reproduces all his known paintings, more than 400, with superb colour rendition.

There're many great landscapes, still lifes, but, more than anything else, it's nude that really shines.

They're just beautiful to look at, very different from Freud's rather brutal brush works.
Beautiful not in a just 'pretty' sense.
I love his strong sense of construction, three dimensionality of human body.
He's measuring every single precise angles, distance and proportions.
You can clearly see these marks on his paintings. Awesome.

And of course, colour!

I'm really in love with these paintings.

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