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Monday, November 18, 2013

Pantha du Prince & The Bell Laboratory at Melbourne Recital Centre

It really was one of the best music performance I've been to here in Melbourne.

Melbourne Recital Centre is a beautiful place. I've heard of its reputation for superior acoustics, and it created a fabulous audio visual experience.

It's very hard to describe how great they were.

From very calming, subliminal introduction of handbells to its thunderous crescendos of drums, percussions and gongs, it was a succession of brilliant melodic movements one after another.

As it approached its finale, everything gradually slowed down, and they went back to handbells, slowly walking away from the stage, through the audience in a dark, and they're gone.
Just brilliant.

This 'Spectral Split' has been my favourite, and it was really a transcendental experience.
No wonder it was a standing ovation.

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