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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Salon Melbourne - Frank Apostolopoulos from BIBA

"The New Cool: Men’s Barbering with a Twist" is this year's theme for this session by Frank - Australian Hairdressers of the Year - and his team from BIBA.

Watching him cutting hair is like watching well-choreographed slow dance movement.
He takes a clean section, lifts hair with a comb, flicks his scissors and snips hair, one two three....
A very delicate and beautiful interplay of arms, fingers and body.

Based on flat graduation at lower section, he left the length from top to front, creating rather androgynous shape on his model.

Rob's work is complete opposite.
Taking advantage of masculine nature of clippers to its best effect, he demonstrated a very powerful, sharp and 'street bikie' haircut.

Dean's work is somewhere in-between.
His craftsmanship shows very clearly in this haircut. Very strong outline that is beautifully blended with the hair above. Also, the line itself is superbly curved, that's why it gives soft overall impression on his model.

With Lyndal Salmon as a facilitator on stage, it was again a very inspiring session in amicable environment, where we all could feel creative energy emanating from these guys.

All photos were shot by me.

Frank Apostolopoulos

Rob Mason

Dean Tsopanis

And here are their finished look. Brilliant.

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