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Friday, May 30, 2014

'Italian Masterpieces' at NGV

It was a beautiful late autumn day in Melbourne.
What's the best way to spend a day like this? Surely, going to NGV!
As usual, I joined a volunteer guided tour, and she was absolutely fabulous.

This is a great exhibition of 'old masters' paintings from Spain’s Royal Court, Museo Del Prado.

Among big names like, Titian or Raphael, my favourite painting in this exhibition is this one.
'The Blind Sculptor: Allegory of Touch' by Jusepe de Ribera.

I've never heard of this artist before. Apparently he's a follower of Caravaggio.

A blind man is holding a sculpture. Is that his work?
And there's a painting on a table.
He can still 'see' the head cast, but, for him, the painting is no longer of any use.
This is a very interesting allegory of the difference between these two medium.

And, it's superbly rendered with strong chiaroscuro and naturalism.

What's he thinking? Is he reflecting on his life?
You can ask so many questions.
That's a definition of great art.

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