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Sunday, June 08, 2014

Sassoon at Hair Expo in Sydney 2014

It's very unfortunate that due to renovation of Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, it took place at a makeshift facility in Glebe Island.

Its setup was so bad that audience were provided with a radio headset to hear what's going on a stage.

Having said that, Mark and his creative team again delivered a very spirited cutting and colouring presentation.

I think Hair Expo should be held alternately in Melbourne and Sydney.

It's interesting to see that one of influences of this collection was paintings by Georgia O'Keeffe.

I'm very grateful that the team came all the way from the UK. As always, watching him cutting hair inspires me a lot.

In the morning, I went to Gallery of New South Wales.
I love this place. It's a bit of a walk from a railway station, but, the design and its layout is much better than cluttered NGV.

As expected, Biennale exhibition was a disappointment, and a renowned American conceptual artist Sol LeWitt exhibition got me nowhere.

However, the most impressive exhibition was taking place in a tiny room, and it's called 'In the flesh'.

There are only six paintings, but, the quality of these figurative works is really astounding.

It shouldn't be so surprising though, because these four artists are truly giants in this field.
Chaïm Soutine, Pablo Picasso, Francis Bacon and my favourite Lucian Freud.

I thought it's worthwhile to fly to Sydney just to see Freud's three paintings.

It was really a great day.

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