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Monday, December 29, 2014

Alla Prima Ⅱ by Richard Schmid

Probably one of the best books on oil painting I've ever read. The book that really inspires you to paint more and more.

Richard Schmid is a very respected painter, and his paintings in the book are all stunning.
Being a great artist is one thing, but, being a great teacher who can also produce high quality book like this requires a special talent.

This is a very comprehensive survey of his philosophy on painting. One can say that everything we need to know is in the book.
By saying that, I don't mean just the usual stuff like how to mix paint. The beauty of this book is the fact that we can experience his thought process as if we're painting with him.

This is an astonishing achievement. 

I can't help but notice that what Richard is saying in the book is very similar to what Greg is telling us in his studio.

I can't have a lesson with Richard, but, I've been learning to paint with the great artist/teacher Gregory Smith here in Melbourne, Australia.
It's such a privilege.

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