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Monday, December 15, 2014

'Jean Paul Gaultier' exhibition at NGV

There're interesting discussions of fashion exhibitions being held at major public galleries at the moment.

I've found it pointless to talk about whether fashion can be art or not. It's just like deciding if photography is art or not. It all depends on one's definition of art.

As usual, I joined a volunteer guided tour. She was extremely knowledgeable, herself a designer, and very humorous.

It's very clever the way some mannequins' facial expressions are projected. It certainly generates liveliness. And the catwalk setting where they are paraded so that audience can experience a mock fashion show.

For me, the highlight was in the Urban Jungle room.
Looking at those works at a very close distance was a visual treat. His use of many different ideas and fabrics from diverse ethnicity and culture is absolutely stunning.

I don't know anything about dress making, but, I can imagine the highest level craftsmanship involved in making those works.

There're a few photos by my favourite Peter Lindberg on display. Fantastic.

I thoroughly enjoyed this exhibition.

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