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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Plein Air Oil Painting

On this beautiful Christmas Day, I went to Botanic Gardens in city.

I really found this painting difficult. 
After half an hour or so, I lost shadows from trees. And I was under direct sunlight.
Under these conditions, it's really difficult to see subjects.
Well, another important lesson, really.

Oil on panel. 16 x 20in.

After lunch, I moved to another location. 
I made sure that I would be under shades. And this time, there weren't many tourists, so that was better.

The palm tree on the left isn't convincing. I really had trouble painting its leaves and sky holes.
The proportion of the house isn't correct. It should be much wider.
I'm reasonably happy with grass foreground and flowers in front of hedge.

This place is beautiful, but, there're too many tourists and people, and I found it difficult to concentrate.
With two large paintings, I'm a bit tired, but, it was a good day.

Oil on panel. 16 x 20 in.

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