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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Sorolla: The Masterworks - book -

I had never heard of this Spanish artist before, but, after reading a book on Sargent, I was fortunate to have discovered this amazing painter.
And what a great discovery it was.

This book contains quite a few colour reproductions, and they're all splendid paintings. Comparison with Sargent is inevitable, but, I think meaningless. I love both of them.

His paintings of beach scenes are really breathtaking. The texts are relatively short, but, very informative. What a glorious life he lead!

I also enjoyed black & white photographs that captured him painting outdoors in front of a big canvas. You can see his passion for painting clearly.

It's a great book, introducing this relatively unknown artists to us at a very reasonably price.
I like it very much.

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