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Friday, December 19, 2014

Timothy Coghill new album 'Nowhere'

First time I saw him at Northcote Social Club in January, I was immediately mesmerised by his subliminal and extremely sensitive music making.
It was just beautiful, and I can't explain well. If you were not there, you missed probably one of the best gigs in Melbourne this year. Here is my previous post on this gig.

Since then, he's been very busy working on his new album, using cloud funding  platform Pozible.
I'm very proud of being part of this project, well, I just donated some money to contribute, but, still it feels very good actually. I've never done this kind of thing.

I've got email from him today, saying that the album 'Nowhere' is now complete.

This is a fantastic achievement from this young Melbourne musician. I just love every single song.
Deep/Tehom, Human, Falling Into Sky, The Dry/Yabbashah, Man (Still), Nowhere....
My favourite has to be 'Oceanus Sola featuring Georgie Darvidis'. It's just bloody sensational. Beautiful. No other words are appropriate.

Its official release is Jan 8, 2015. I highly recommend this.

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