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Sunday, January 04, 2015

Plein Air Oil Painting

I went back to Le Page Homestead at Plenty Gorge Park in Hawkstowe.

First of all, I think this composition is a mistake. 
I was trying to focus on the bridge. But, it got too close, like, taking a photo using a telephoto lens. It lost the depth of field.
I should keep composition just like the photo above.

Then, half way through, while I was having lunch, gusty wind blew my easel down, the painting got a lot of dirt, and I was really p***ed off by that.

Since then, I somehow lost interest in this one, realising that it's not working. I found these rows of trees on a hill extremely difficult to paint.

On a windy day, I should use a heavy French easel, or, I should have left my field easel on a ground while I was away.
Well, it was a great lesson.

Oil on panel. 16 x 20 in.

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