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Sunday, May 31, 2015

'Semaphore' at Arts House

Contemporary music is always a big challenge. John Cage, Takemitsu et al are very difficult to understand, well, at least that's how I feel when listening to their work. 

I entered a draw for this performance and is lucky to win a double tickets! So, Kate and I went to North Melbourne Town Hall after watching 'The Impressionist' at Palace COMO this evening. 

Kate Neal's very powerful and moving composition, extremely talented team of musicians, particularly percussionists, lyrical animations on screen and dazzling dancers... 
This piece of art never ceased to amaze me all the way. 
I think it's a brilliant collaborative piece of production and definitely changed my previous perception about contemporary music being inaccessible. 

I'm really grateful to have been given this opportunity to witness the highest quality of music making and its mesmerising rendition. 

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