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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Happiness and sorrow of parting with my painting

Sometimes I wonder, when people buy paintings what's going on in their mind?

They just want something to decorate their houses? I suspect most of modern abstract paintings are suited for that purpose. Well, I'm just kidding.

In the case of portraits, I'm sure the paintings serve as cherished memories of their loved ones.
I also believe some landscapes do the same.

Even if paintings are nothing to do with our direct experiences, we often feel strong connections with some paintings, be it still life, landscape or portrait, etc. And we can't suppress our urge to possess not just a painting, but also its beauty and aesthetics that come out of it.

That established sense of connection with the painting soon extends to the artist who created it, even when we don't know each other.

Such is a wonderful thing called art.

Today one of my clients bought this painting I did en plein air.

It's such a great feeling that someone is willing to buy my painting. Fortunately I don't have to make a living by selling my works. I'm just very happy imagining that they're in someone's house and hopefully they enjoy and get something out of my paintings.

However, it leaves me a very sad feeling now.

She is a foreign national and due to her personal circumstances, she lost a battle against Immigration and has to leave this country.
Obviously she's been under an enormous stress because she wants to stay here in Melbourne.
She contacted me about a month ago, wanting to buy some of my Melbourne paintings as a memento. A happy memory of this city.

It's such a heartbreaking thing to hear.
She's a wonderful client and I do hope she will have a happier future in a new country. I'm sure she will.

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