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Monday, August 17, 2015

Oil Painting Lesson with Gregory Smith - Day 4

I started a new subject today. Yes, it's myself!

As usual, I covered a panel with Raw Umber, then wiped off lighter areas with a rag. 
Using Light Red and Naples Yellow Deep, which are Greg's open secret colours for skin tones, I tried to concentrate on sculptural shapes of my head. 

I must say it was very difficult to get a basic shape right. 
When I painted a small self-portrait a couple of weeks ago, there was a mirror right in front of me. This time, a big mirror was a couple meters away, and that I found very tricky. I needed to focus very hard. 

Greg told me that it was a good start. I'm liking skin tones, but there will be a big challenge ahead. 

Work in progress. 

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