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Saturday, October 17, 2015

'Last Work' by Batsheva Dance Company

One of my favourite dance production is 'Political Mother' by Hofesh Shechter Company which I saw years ago. 
I had read somewhere that he used to belong to Batsheva, and its choreographer Ohad Naharin is a legendary figure in contemporary dance. 
So, when I heard they are coming to Melbourne as part of Arts Fesrival, I was very excited about it. 

This production was very difficult to digest. Kate and I both thought every dancer displayed top-notch performance. 
Every sequence was performed flawlessly, one could easily see they must be world-class dancers. 

However, the production as a whole, we both felt a bit confused. 
For example, what does female dancer who kept running at the back symbolize?
And a white flag? Packing tape used for restricting dancers' free movement, or connecting them physically?

We had seen some anti-Islael protesters outside Arts Centre, and after reading some articles, I'm now aware that he is against the government policy in Gaza. 

So, is it his way of making a political statement? The white flag therefore symbolises his dispair on this issue?

There remain so many questions. Maybe that is his intention, giving audience many rooms for interpreting its meaning. 

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