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Monday, October 05, 2015

Plein Air Oil Painting

We went to Darebin Parklands this afternoon. 
Kate has painted here a couple times, but I've never been before. 
It's a fairly big park in Alphington with beautiful trees and Yarra River. Very quiet oasis indeed. 

I set up my easel on this position. I decided to challenge myself today. Water and its reflection is always a big challenge, and I've never tried water stream. Also there are many rocks and pebbles, and I had no ideal how to render them. 

As expected, I struggled a lot, and couldn't finish this one. I'll have to ask Greg how to approach the scene like this. 

It was a very hot day in Melbourne. It was a great experience though, and we'll definitely come back and paint. 

Unfinished. 11 x 14 in. 

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