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Saturday, October 31, 2015

VCA dance students - program 1

We went to Space 28 in Southbank this evening. 
I've been going to this end of year performance for a couple of years now, and always get inspired by their creative output. 

Subtitled '360°', this program offers four productions. 

'Nonesuch' by Anna Smith was a standout. 
I recognised her name in the program. She did some great choreography before. 

With beautiful music, superb lighting design and smart costume design, it was sensational to watch. 
We were mesmerised by their high-octane energy, and they sustained it to the end. 
The dance movement was very clever; beautiful and fluid sequence one after another. 
It really was a fitting finale to this evening's visual feast. 

There will be Program 2 by graduate students in November, we're looking forward to it. 

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