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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Melbourne University public lecture

After work, I caught up with Kate at The Spot in Carlton to see this lecture. 
Copland Theatre has got an interesting interior design and the place was packed. 

'Black hole blues and other songs from outer space' by Dr Janna Levin was a very spirited presentation and she did a great job explaining to us the recent discovery of Gravitational Waves that Einstein predicted 100 years ago. 

I remember studying Relativity Theory at uni. Special one was ok, but, General one that goes beyond Euclid was utterly beyond my brain to comprehend. 
I don't have fluency in universal language of mathematics. 

That's why layman like me needs scientists like her, and others, Brian Greene for example, who speak both scientific and literal language without mumbo-jumbo. 
Also the unique ability to keep us awake and focused during public lectures. 

We really enjoyed this evening. 


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