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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Hair Expo 2016 in Melbourne

This year, the event came to Melbourne.
One of our apprentices in the salon, Paige, took part in a cutting competition this morning.
I was very proud of her. And she was awarded "Highly commended."

For someone who has just finished the third year apprenticeship, her haircut today was brilliant. Again, judges seemed to have a different value system and didn't see the way I saw it. That's a pity.

I have my own set of values and philosophy when it comes to cutting a hair, and I'm sure they're somehow different from others'.

Shaving hair at underneath section with clippers and bring down hair from the top section, and cut a line, layering a bit, straighten it....
To me, that's a lazy haircut. And there are so many of it.
I have enormous difficulty in understanding why these haircut is valued in a haircutting competition.

Paige didn't use clippers. She did proper scissors-overcomb. She utilised classic graduation and layering technique. Her hands were shaking. She was nervous. But, she didn't choose an easy way to create a shape.

It was a great performance. I liked it a lot. There were some strangers came to her and congratulated her on her work. That was very nice.
Of course, there were things I would like to comment on this particular haircut. And I hope she will learn something from it.

Doing a live cutting competition is, in my opinion, absolutely necessary step to furthering our skills and confidence.
I can't think of anything more direct way to challenge ourselves and move on to much higher level of creativity. It requires tons of time, energy and preparation.

On the day, you're on your own, nobody is going to help you.
However, it offers the best opportunity to learn. Everything you do during this intense period will be forever engraved in your mind. You'll never forget it.

The number of participants has been shrinking every year.  It's so easy not to do it.
Many young hairstylists are unwilling to do it. "It's very hard." "Competition is not for me."
I will never hear these crap.

The point is, she did it. That is the difference between her and others who didn't. She has moved on to the next level. I'm sure her work in the salon will be different now.

Congratulations to all participants. 

All photos were shot by me.

In the afternoon, I went to see Sassoon. Mark, Edward and Daniel.... Very best in the world.

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