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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Twenty Melbourne Painters Society exhibition

We drove to Gren Eira City Council Art Gallery this morning. It's a very classy and roomy space. 

Renowned for its high level of quality, this year marks 98th anniversary. Its origin with regards to Victorian Artists Society is a fascinating one. 

There was a guided talk by Clive Sinclair, and he gave us a quick but insightful overviews of each member's works. It was very good. 

There are so many great paintings on the wall. Starting from my favourite Herman Pekel. Julian Bruere, Barbara McCallum, Joseph Zbukvic, Maxwell Wilks.....

What a talent! We're all privileged to have so many great artists in Melbourne and have this prescious opportunity to see them all. 

It's very nice to see the gallery offering a series of artist talks during the exhibition. It's a great way to engage artists with audience, creating very intimate connection between us. And that is, very unfortunately, lacking in the case of Victorian Artists Society. 


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