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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Melbourne Art Week

I drove to city this morning to have a look at this art festival. 

602 Gallery had a range of great contemporary works. Ryan Hewett's paintings for example. 
Standout was a video work by teamLab, called Flowers and People - Gold 2015. They're Japanese collective. 
Incredibly beautiful interactive digital installation. 
I was stunned by its sheer beauty. 

Then I went to NoFair 2016. Nothing to write about. Come on, seriously. 

I walked to ArcOne Gallery. There were great works by Robert Owen. It's always nice to talk to Suzanne. 

Finally, I went to Windsor Hotel to see Spring 1883 exhibition. 
It's a hotel-based boutique art fair, and I love the concept very much. 
Although there were many galleries in this beautiful setting, there was absolutely nothing to catch my eyes. Those so-called "contemporary art", I honestly don't see any values in them. 
How come these "art" command such a high price, I dispair. We need someone like Robert Highes. 

I bumped into some familiar faces and that was nice. 

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