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Friday, October 14, 2016

Painting trip to Grampians - Day 4

In the morning I drove to Cavendish, about 1/2 hour north-west of Dunkeld. 

I have a client who bought a farm a couple of years ago, and she often asked me to come around. However, due to long drive involved, I always said thanks but it's a bit too far. 
When I saw her in the salon about a month ago and told her about my trip to Dunkeld, she checked her diary and found they would be there, so, this time, I finally managed to come around. 

It's a huge property, I couldn't comprehend the scale of it. It's also incredibly beautiful. 
She offered me a tour around the property. There're many fascinating history in this place. 
I was particularly fond of this wool shed, still in use. 

There're many signatures on the wall written by shearers. 

After lunch with them, I was ready to go about painting and set up my easel here. 

Weather couldn't have been better. It was truly a memorable experience immersing myself in this gorgeous environment. 
I spent 2.5 hours. 

Oil on panel. 16x20 in. 


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