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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Beyond the Line: VCA Graduating Dance Students

I went to Studio 28 in Southbank this evening. 

'Nonesuch' by Anna Smith was a standout. I've seen her works in previous years, and this production again clearly shows her solid creative talent as a choreographer. 

It's a beautiful one. Simple but cool costume, clever lighting and fascinating sound by Nils Fraham, Old Apparatus and Paper Dollhouse. 
Very sleek and stylish. A mesmerising visual treat. 
I've never heard of Nils Fraham before. Quick Googling taught me a lot about him. Great musician. Had worked with my favourite Olafur Arnalds. 

Maybe a wrong analogy, but, I can't help but think about Sydney Dance Company and its Artistic Director Rafael Bonachela, my favourite choreographer.
This performance was that good, well, that's what I wanted to say. 

Total energy expressed in this program is surely the culmination of each student's sweat and tears for the last three years. 

There are always some dancers who stand out. 
Olivia McPherson, Jonathon Havakis, Alexandra Petrarca, Jack Riley.....

It was a great night. 

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