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Saturday, December 24, 2016

I, Daniel Blake

Well, I somehow question my judgement on deciding to go to Palace Balwyn after work (in order to avoid 35°C heat) and see this film on Christmas Eve!
I knew this is a very important film, though. 

The hard-hitting social realism this film presents certainly blew away ostentatious, quasi 'festive' mood I had been forced to endure in a salon upon hearing so many idiotic Christmas songs recently. 
And I'm very grateful for it. 

Easily the best film I've seen this year. It deserves to be seen by anyone who is interested in social justice in our society. If not on Christmas Eve. 

By the way, the music in this trailer is 'Night' by my favourite Ludovico Einaudi. 
He's coming to Melbourne in February. 
I can't wait. 

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